Gifts for Grandparents

Buying gifts for grandparents can get tricky. After all, they have been around for a good few years by now, and they generally don’t need or want much. The best ideas are thoughtful gifts, ones that have a lot of meaning. Here are some ideas that are sure to make Grandma and Grandpa happy:

Family portraits

Surprise Grandma and Grandpa by booking a professional photographer to take family portraits. Getting the whole family together may be tricky, but it will be so worth it get those treasured memories captured. Get a few printed a framed, so they can hang up on their wall.

If you can’t get everyone together, you can also get an artist to create a realistic (or not) illustration of the whole family, based on photos you send.

Grandparent mugs

This will be appreciated especially by the new grandparents. Coffee or tea mugs with phrases like ‘Grandpa est. 2017’, or ‘I’m a Grandma, what’s your superpower?’ are fun, practical and sentimental

For the grandparents who prefer some good quality whisky, you can get personalized whisky tumblers instead.

A journal

For the grandparent who likes to tell stories and give advice, this gift will be treasured forever. A Grandparent’s Journal is a high-quality, bound journal, with different topics on each page that the grandparent can write about. The grandparent can keep this and write in it as the grandchildren grow up, and then it can be shared with them once they are older, and can be even passed down the generations.

A tablet

For many families, it is an unfortunate truth that they live far apart. For the grandparents that live far from their grandchildren, and don;t get to see them as much as they would like, a tablet will be truly appreciated. Set up Skype on the tablet, and have weekly calls to stay in touch.