Gift Ideas for the New Dad

No need to leave the new dads out – this is an exciting time for them too! Lots of big changes coming up, they are likely very nervous (even if they don’t show it).

Check out these gift ideas – from stylish, to practical, to just plain fun.

Beard and/shaving kit

For the bearded dads, you can get a luxury beard-care kit. They generally include beard oil, shaving oil, a wooden beard comb and sometimes even compressed towels.

For the dads who like to keep things smooth, a luxury shaving kit is a great idea. These kits generally include a pre-shave oil, shaving cream, a shaving brush, and aftershave balm.

Daddy and Baby t-shirts

There are quite a variety of awesome t-shirts to choose from. From matching ‘Pizza’ tees, to a ‘papa bear, baby bear’ set, to even a ‘large fries, small fries’ set, the choices are endless. You can even choose a set that is based on dad’s favourite hobby or sports teams.

Rugged jogging stroller

Having a new baby often means that things like exercise get put on the back burner. This rugged jogging stroller means that dad can keep up with his fitness while spending time with baby too. And bonus – baby gets fresh air and gets to enjoy all the stimulation of being outside.

Date night pack

Get a voucher for a nice restaurant, and offer to babysit so dad and mom can have a romantic night out together.

Washable Bluetooth speaker

Dad can still get to enjoy his music without having to worry about the sticky fingers that are soon going to be grabbing at his electronics. This gift is a bit pricey but is very versatile.

Diaper Backpack

It’s simple, clean, backpack design is misleading when it comes to this diaper bag. It features many pockets and even a changing pad (that is cushioned!) No embarrassment for this new dad!