Gift Ideas for the New Mother

A baby shower is an excellent time for the new mother to get plenty of both cute and practical items for her new baby. A new trend has emerged over the last few years where the new mother also gets a few gifts just for herself. After all – she is going to go through the pain of labor! She deserves something special!

Here are some ideas to spoil the new mom-to-be!

A voucher for a Meal Subscription Service

A twist on the old-school version of dropping off a casserole, getting a voucher to Blue Apron, Hello Chef, or any similar service will be a welcome gift to the sleep-deprived new mom. No grocery shopping needed but she gets a fresh, home-cooked meal.

Plush, fluffy, luxury slippers

The new mom won’t get to have much down time, but wearing a pair of soft, luxurious slippers add a little bit of relief for tired, aching feet. Choose ones that have a decent sole and some arch support.

Expensive cookies or chocolate

A little treat that she doesn’t have to share will be much appreciated by the new mom when she can get a few minutes away for herself. If you are getting chocolate, stay away from ones that have liqueur in. You could even do a whole luxury snack gift hamper with cookies, chocolate, herbal teas, and a cute mug.

A Scented candle

A fancy candle is always a great gift choice. A relaxing scent like lavender will help bring a sense of calm even when mom is feeling frazzled.

A beautiful planner/organizer

The new mom is going to be busier than ever – a planner that is both beautiful and functional will help her keep on top of everything. Choosing one with a wipeable cover so food and baby messes don’t ruin it.