Handmade Gift Ideas

Everyone likes to be made to feel special every now and then, and getting a handmade gift is one sure-fire way to make anyone feel special. Handmade gifts show that time, effort, and thought was put into the gift and will be greatly appreciated. For those who aren’t very handy and don’t think they can make handmade gifts – not to worry. This post will give you ideas for thoughtful, gorgeous handmade gifts that don’t require too much skill.

Food-related gifts

  • Brownie mix in a jar (layer the dry ingredients in the jar, Print out a nice, personalized instruction label and add it to the jar with ribbon).
  • Cookie mix in a jar (follow the instructions above).
  • Hot chocolate mix in a jar (follow the instructions above).
  • Homemade cookies (don’t worry, using a box mix isn’t cheating).
  • Tea wreath (you can use plain wooden pegs, or paint them bright colours, and attach different flavours of tea all the way around).
  • Monogrammed mugs (You can use a Sharpie to draw on the monogram, then fill them with little snacks, hot chocolate mix, or marshmallows).
  • Coffee cozy (to make it easier to hold hot takeaway coffee cups)
  • Basket with luxury cookies, snacks, and coffee (find a pretty basket, fill it, wrap in cellophane, and finish off with a pretty ribbon).

Beauty- and home-related gifts

  • Body scrub in a jar (mix sugar, coconut, and your favourite essential oil into a jar).
  • Embellished candle (Take a candle in a glass holder, and embellish the outside with a personalised design).
  • Hand warmers (for those cold, winter days)
  • Fleece ear warmers (these only require basic sewing skills).
  • DIY iPhone case (easier that it looks – but does require a sewing machine).
  • Chunky crochet blanket (if you’ve always wanted to learn to crochet, this is a simple item to start with).

Stationery-related gifts

  • Washi-tape journals (all you need to be able to do is stick washi tape on the cover of a plain journal). You can do as much or as little as you want with this one.
  • Instagram calendar (using their most popular photos).